Support FAQ

Support FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where did your products come from?

Our products are shipped directly from American warehouses. In this way, we can make your delivery time more convenient.

What is your return policy?

You can return it 30 days after purchase. Please refer to our transportation policy for more details.

How to contact customer service?

You can contact our customer service department by email Or fill out the form directly here

Where is your product made?

Our products are designed by our European and American team and manufactured in our own factories in China. They are stored and transported from the United States.

I haven't received the tracking number. What should I do?

If you do not receive the tracking number, you can contact our customer service. They will update your order status in a timely manner.

I was wrongly accused. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service if you are charged by mistake. They will help correct the situation.

Can I receive samples of the products?

Unfortunately, we can't send samples of our products. However, we can send you detailed pictures, color Pantheon code, etc. so that you can better understand our products.

I want to return the goods. What should I do?

If you want to return goods, please contact our customer service to provide you with a return label.